The past few months have been a tremendous journey of hope, hell and heaven all rolled in a warm blanket called life. Its been months of meditative conversations with people who either mattered the most or matter a lot now. As the winds dries up some sour trinkling memories I realise it has been months of listening.

Listening to some very amazing people who have not known me too well but more importantly are non judgemental, accepting and fighting their battles with grace. They smile genuinely, laugh with all their heart, and life to them is a lovely mosaic of experiences.

The universe much like the seas constantly makes you cleanse yourself, off the influence that corrodes you. Forces you to be ‘you’. You just need to give in to being you.

Listening has made me more ‘me’, helped me get rid of a whole lot of expectations that weigh high upon my head causing migranes. It feels great to be the firefly again and fighting the hardest battle of ‘being ‘you’ and staying that way.


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