I am the woman, you don’t know!

I love like a tigress,

and detest like the lion

I do not like the color pink

I prefer the undiluted red

I argue for I am brave

not because I want to prove you wrong

I talk to the stars

For they do not glare back at me like you

I look up the sky and dream

I am not scared of wishing and hoping for you

I take up challenges

To tell myself I am alive

I dance in the rain

For water knows the freedom I seek

Of course, I get scared

Not of the dark or cockroaches

But of your judgmental looks

I am woman who waits,

knows herself inside out

I am the woman

You don’t know!


3 thoughts on “I am the woman, you don’t know!

  1. Very well written as always. It will touch not only women, who obviously feel this way as they will feel you voiced their innermost thoughts here… but also men, who have never stopped by to look at a woman in a way she deserves to be looked at! Good going, keep it up!

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