Umbrella Talks

I opened my umbrella with vengeance. Rain drops from yesterday freed themselves from the clutches of the spokes. They never thought they would see the light of day again, but that’s life – stranger than fiction.

Walking through the puddles that had washed many feet and sins through the night, I wondered if umbrellas had a mind of their own or did they carry our thoughts along. I felt as if my feet had touched tears and thoughts of a million minds in a moment then. As my umbrella brushed through a black big gigantic umbrella, I thought to myself how this road seemed like an endless conversation of umbrellas. Some breathing love, hoping to meet someone 500 meters down the lane. Another bright red umbrella moving quickly through the crowd, trying to rush through the meeting and hoping not to stain the crisp white kurta. rushing to a meeting and going over the bullet points in her head. Two blue umbrellas that seemed intensely discussing the political issues, not bothered if the others around them were interested in the matter or not. They were reducing the pace at which this sea of umbrellas was moving and at one point I almost wanted to go and give them a knock. But when in a new city its just better to behave a little. My beige and rather inexperienced umbrella skimmed through conversations and feelings that swayed in the rain. A light blue umbrella with cats on it was struggling to make a call and worried if her 2 year old was doing alright. A certain army green umbrella was confidently walking, as if he were to go and tell the boss how he had cracked a great deal with the client. A pale pink one dispassionately carried two big bags and was in no hurry to get any where.

My shoulders were getting wet but this journey of thoughts through umbrellas was too amusing to dampen my thoughts. I was enjoying this conversation and transfer of thoughts got that these thinking umbrellas were having. I wondered if anyone else was thinking as bizzare as I was, but before I could answer my own question it was time to punch in attendance and get going with work for the day.


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