The idea of trust, faith and love

Trust – In a recent talk with a friend from school, we spoke about how we had ‘trust issues’. We have blindly trusted people (both men and women) and realised what fools have we been. Burnt fingers, broken hearts and now would not want to trust. The irony of the matter is, we are dying for someone to walk into our lives and change this perception. Are we not crazy? Are we not pinning for exactly what we fear? Call us adventurous!

Love – I am in love with the idea of love. At any given point in my life, I have someone or something I would be happy to die for. I would happily sacrifice anything to see a twinkle in that eye. I would go to any extent to make that heart skip a beat. I am sure the person in spotlight has questioned my sanity in most cases and more often than not, runaway. But that doesnt stop me from being me, even after knowing that it would be the soul reason for a person to walk away.

Faith – The most tricky emotion that I have ever experienced. Faith visits you when you know everything is going against you. It makes you believe in something you might have only seen in daydreams. And most importantly will question you when you least expect to be surprised by life. My mornings are filled with conversations with faith these days. I know it walks beside me as a shadow and yet I question its integrity.

Most of us have met these three as ideas. We believe we know this emotion but for all we know, we are yet to experience it. We might never meet the real emotion and even if we do, how do we know its the real thing?


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