Letters #unsent

(Someone once taught me, ‘end everything with poetry…’ here’s to the bye I just said.)

I’d like to pick up your thought
and put it to fly
I like to watch it float in thin air
while I twitch my toes and stare

I hold my heart close
And press my thoughts in between
So that you cannot hear
Its singing, so clear

My mind flutters dreams
That I am shy to greet
I cannot meet thy eyes
For mine may not hide

What my heart feels
Is too much to handle
How then, can I let
You hold my dream?

I seek
I know not, how to nuture
Painful to face
And yet pleasure in thought

I wish to
Undress my mind

I hope
To say all
That I dream during day

I dream
Of me more
Than you

I have found
All that was me
And missing in you


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