Life happens

Life has its way of happening. It’s pace. I was in Delhi recently and I realised that if I want to juggle friends and work (that I love dearly), I need to learn to plan it all too well.

So, this time around I decided to plan a day with the best friend while I was negotiating costs with the hotel where we were hosting the event. I decided to make best friend go through all of it with me. While she was mighty impressed after several years of knowing the power of my communication skills, she felt horribly concerned about the stress it caused me. This sort of worked in my favour. I am glad that now when I miss calls or do not return emails, she will understand that I was buried under some banquet negotiations.

Now came the slightly more brave part of my trip. Meeting someone who I dint knew. Don’t get ideas! It was a client’s daughter. First I thought it was as to get a better perspective of the brand we were working on, but it turned out to be something more than anything I had expected it to be. I am still awfully struck by my power of having a conversation with anyone in this world. The kind side of this encounter was the cafe we decided to meet at. The Rose cafe.
Hidden on the Westend Marg, is this lovely place that takes you back to the little English cafés.
Lovely pale pinks and greens made that Saturday morning quite an interesting one. Rain completed my adventure and sooth my crazy meeting into one that I have chosen to store in the random box of memories.

One thing I realised is that while my skills to communicate have improved.

I am going to try and learn to be patient, but I am not too sure 🙂


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