rock bottom

One hits rock bottom every now and then when you are impulsive and a risk taker. And so it happened to me!

It happened the day before I took off to Ahmedabad for four days. I had not been home for so long. I had not been off the phone in a really long time and I needed it. It was amazing how the feeling of losing everything that one was aspiring for and this hibernation coincided. This is when I realised that home was a great detox. Detox from all the people who were making you sound like a complaining and whining dog.

It surely is required that life pushes you down to the bottom of the sea. So that you learn to breathe deep, hold it and swim right back up. I did not know what was ahead. I had no plans. I did not know what is it that I was going to be able to create anymore. But that’s when you sit and learn to be patient. Because life has a way of happening. It needs its time to marinate itself in experience.

After several hours of meditation and cushioned hours at home, I am back to the muddy, muggy Mumbai. I walk the roads as if I have never seen them before. My heart speaks a beat when a fast train passes by. I end up staring at the sky for several hours hoping the stars would have an answer. So I continue to write letters and finding my smiles in the replies.

Till the stars shine again. Life, I am waiting for you to let me know your POA.


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