amidst a jam

In Mumbai, you get into traffic jams more often than you take showers in a day. Once you learn to make the most of them, you have mastered the art of living life in a mad city like this. You can sleep, blog, tweet, take pictures, finish work calls and most importantly stare forever in the sky.

3 days aways from the main Ganpati celebration and the whole world wants to take over the streets of Mumbai. An extremely interesting and patient cab driver drove me from home through the traffic jams this morning.

What I really appreciated was his willingness to change routes, take U turns in narrow lanes and laugh at every jam we got into. Seldom do you find such a fun person to ride with.

It is also amidst these jams that I miss my taxi talks with Xenia and wish I was with my favourite person rambling and discussing my bucket list of things I wish to do.

It is also during these traffic jams that I realise, that this city keeps making space for new people almost everyday. It really has a very big heart. I really dont know how they fit into. It almost feels like one window per person kind of arrangement. But its still wonderful.

After an hour and half, I reached work. I paid up and wished the driver less busy roads for the day..

He laughed.

That made my day!


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