Haider – a film, a verse

Bitten by the verse and hidden in poetry, I lay a little struck by the narrative of Haider. I think there has always been magic in Shakespearean literature. It transcends you to a land that you haven’t really seen before and brings you face to face with the human mind and it’s play of shades grey and green.

Haider is a story of a son in search of his missing father and ends up being the saga of questioning the sanctity of every relationship that exists. The only one being unblemished is the one that he has lost. Shahid, like Pankaj Kapur can bring you to tears and turns those into an outburst of joy with his brilliant performance as he shifts character from being the jester (as portrayed by Shakespeare) and the protagonist.

The carefully designed casting, and the world through Pankaj Kumar’s lens is a Kashmir that we have all seen and yet feel is closer this time then portrayed ever before.

Vishal Bhardwaj I must say, is a poet first and then a storyteller and hence his films leave the melancholic taste in your mouth as the credits roll by.
The one drawback of Indian cinema has been its editing. I guess we truly need some harsh editors who will help keep the story just the right length.

I refuse to give stars as those belong to the sky. If you think films are a serious business then Haider deserves a watch.


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