Owning & Disowning

When you move 20 times in 33 years of your life, you are a wanderer. You are constantly making places your home, be it hotel rooms or studios that you live in for a couple of years. Life adjusts itself to new windows, new beds, new keys and to ‘change’ more than routine. Your closest SOS call is Holland and you often feel as if you are living in 3 timezones at the same time. Most importantly, you go through a process of owning and disowning things and people constantly.

I remember buying a set of drawers, a microwave and a washing machine one summer and ended up selling or giving it away before the year ended. It is hard to give away parts of your life. It is hard to constantly recreate life around you. But, it also means you are constantly building something new. The process of creating is what you live for. A process that is more satisfying than living with a finished piece of art. The feeling that the painting is done, can be quite painful.

I have lived in 5 cities and 20 homes. I have loved every bit of struggling and settling. Packing and unpacking have been mastered, and suitcases are more precious than jewellery. Over the years, I have learnt to live the minimalistic way. I currently own a television, a Mackbook air , an iPad and  a gas stove. I have decided that at any given point in time, I should be able to pack my life in two suitcases and leave. 

Over the years I have changed, grown and I have realised that my tastes in life are pretty weird, but I have made peace with my quaint self. 

I crave company, and get bored of someone in a couple of hours. I can’t make up my mind if I like the sea more or the mountains. I don’t mind the rickety autos and bumpy rides. I am happy with chaat for dinner but I cannot live without a cup of coffee during the day. Sunday morning breakfast means much more to me than shopping all day.

When change becomes the way of life, you realise that it becomes extremely difficult to satiate your internal curiosity. Very little around you interests you and when it does, it takes over your life. You stop waiting for things to happen to you, life is more crazy than a roller coaster ride. So twenty homes old, I still stay curious and caffeinated, as I await today’s little surprise to visit me.


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