Dear Crimson,

Once you were crimson. The color that  I saw, as I opened my eyes to a 10am sun. I would try and hide it under the sheer cotton covers, but it would remind of the conversation from the previous night and I would be inspired to wake up and dream. Dream with my eyes wide open, smile as if you stood in front of me and understood my silent thought. The silent thought carried itself through the room and hid itself in the coffee plunger. It would release itself when I poured the freshly brewed coffee in my cup. I would sit by the window and wonder, if you ever understood how crimson my heart grew when it thought about you. It was an intense feeling of pain, yet I would hide it behind a smile. I still do. But now I know that its not the same crimson you. So i feel free. Free to let the tears roll. Free to let the dream sweep itself away and leave my body. I refuse to hold you close. Refuse to acknowledge the presence of my dream. I wish it were light like a cloud. I wish it would just carry itself to another land and never return. But it prefers the cosy corners of my mind and the rather dampen eyebrow. Its built its nest so close to my heart that every thought still reminds itself of how it ran around you before it made its way further into the sky.

If you were to leave my mind, I’d like you to know that you were loved.

xx -a


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