Growing Up

‘Growing up’, they say is not easy. It is almost like losing a few layers of you everyday. Becoming a simpler version of you. It is amazing how you find yourself, only when you are standing in a crowd. Often when you are traveling with a bunch of people and suddenly find you can’t relate to either of them and yet can flow with them.

During a recent trip to Hua Hin (Thailand) with colleagues, I found myself peacefully cruising through loud and ambiguous conversations. While aimlessly walking through the night markets, I realised that one day I would like to sell little pieces of creations to people and feel happy that I have made way into their lives. Probably serving pancakes by the beaches or on top of a mountain is what will make me happier than ever before. Finding homes in different parts of the country and the world came easily to me, but for some reason this trip made me come closer to the gypsy sleeping in my heart. While I did open my mind to those who made little sense to me, I found meaning to life’s complex ways while cycling by the coast in Hua Hin. I realised that life was much like this cycling experience, while you keep paddling through, thinking how many kilometers more to go, it surprises you after every turn and gives you hope for another magnificent view.

As someone special called me, ‘the jaded version of me’ – Yes I agree. I am jaded, I feel less of yesterday and today is just a cloud. I feel lighter than a few days back and I can fly farther than I think I could a few moments back.

This is what trips do to you. They take a little piece of you, polish it and place it back into your mind forever.


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