The Others

When you grow up in a nuclear family, you  never treated as a child. You seem to go from knowing ‘almost everything’ to everything.

That’s how single children grow up. They are decision makers before they know. They are managers before they can write checklists and they are mothers to everyone around them as they never got a sibling to pamper. 

I can very well entertain myself, plan my life and solve my own issues (and others’). There was no concept of, ‘how will I tell my mom!?’ Because mom was more friend than mom. Dad was the sibling. Ya! you sort of try and substitute a lot of roles to these two people you have available. To my luck, I also had a dog. But he had his own interests so he shuffled between being younger brother and chaperon.

Well, because you are never a child, you jump from going to school to living life as an adult pretty instantly. There is nothing like teenage etc. You travel, work in various cities and start building new families in different cities/countries.
After 34 years, several jobs and a divorce; you have what I like to call the ‘significant others’. And don’t be lost in the cliché, for these are men and women of different age groups who make your life and you. 
There are older friends who are more buddies than guardians and younger ones who are more like kids you nurture. There are the alter egos who one enjoys talking to so much that you take notes through the day as you have to tell them all the details. Then there are some friends who tele-transport themselves to you just when you need them. And of course you have 2 lovely 64 old parents ( read kids!).
Life has a way of giving you your family. Sometimes the old fashioned way, I just prefer the modern way of living, you see!


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