The personal demon

So turning 30 or 34 is not too bad. Infact I feel that it is a great thing.

I feel that it has a lot to do with knowing exactly who you are and being okay with the personal demons inside you. So while you have been taught to keep this demon sedated all these years, now is when you start to make friends with it. You are okay if this demon (as an alternate identity) accompanies you to the bar with the girls or goes on a trip with your colleagues or is sitting with you at lunch in the company of other who are yet to learn about their personal demons (because they are much younger).

What is amusing about this situation is that some people in your life have never seen this side of you. And when you do show them a little trailer of what it could be like, they flip and flop on the other side of the river bank. They beg and plead you to put this demon away. Now, what they do not understand is that, this demon unlike the jack in the box has no box to go back to. It is going to stay. Forever.

So while others in our lives are dealing with this rather semi-sarcastic, overtly frank and upfront demon inside us, what we really start enjoying is the stories that this demon is capable of weaving. The demon inside is so creative (yes! more creative than you usually are), that for ever situation it is ready to experiment, think out of the box and do a little bit of ‘not so ordinary’.

It is hard to deal with repercussions of this funny fellow at play, but it is worth a try.

Have you met you demon yet?


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