In the midst of a rather interesting TM Krishna talk did I realise, why I was struggling so much when I began to loose my voice. 

TM Krishna defines the voice as a piece of oneself. 

It is strange, but over the past few months, while fighting the rather weird side effects of Thyroid, for the first time I realised the slow progressing feeling of it over my voice. The feeling of losing my voice. Sometimes struggling to speak or being heard. There is nothing more frustrating than not being heard when there is an idea bursting to explode into experience and the voice is a barrier.

When you work with sound and revel in the joy of being able to edit waveforms; You know what sound is. You develop a rather close relationship with your voice and with that of others too. You feel you have touched a person beyond what meets the eye. 

That that little piece of a thought that was born sometimes in my head and sometimes in my heart; It travelled along with blood, visited every little nerve and then was born out of the depths of my stomach. From within. It is as much a piece of me, as is every precious creation by the unseen force. It is more than what you see of me or understand. 

And hence that voice that you hear, is not a mere sound. But it is a piece of me that was born for you. 

Born because you were able to touch my heart and mind in a way like no one else. I’d like you to know that this little piece that is more precious than ever before now, was shared with you for you mean the world to me and I appreciate that you have been sharing your voice with me.
Voice – a piece of me. I wish I never have to part with you. 


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