About not knowing

Every single time you leave with a suitcase, you come back with a much heavier one filled with life’s unknown treasures. Sometimes those that teach you to smile a little more, cry a little better or love a little stronger.

Some tell you to plan your trips and others tell you to take it as it comes. No one talks about the Unknown that you discover within yourself as you explore a country or a city.

This last year has been the year of ‘the Unknown’. Mostly struggling to deal with Unknown forms of emotion, places and ideas. 

The beauty of the Unknown lies in its energy that keeps you awake all night. It is the frustration of not being able to solve something that turns into the sweet realisation of just being in the moment of turmoil and letting the whirlwind of passion pass through your spine.

I wonder if I could ever get used to this unsettling feeling, this anger that I don’t know something and am unsure if I will ever be able to resolve this cyclonic thought. 

For what has cost me my hair and I think a little bit of a memory, this year has taught me to smile at these Unknown essays of life as they appear in different people and places.

From meeting someone in the bus lines to getting ready for a meeting in the airport bathroom. From finding love in a forest to meeting peace while walking under the stars, there has been a smile buried under every stone.

I am loving not knowing what’s coming tomorrow and loving it even more that I have stopped planning for more than the day that is today.

So trust me, when I say, all you can plan is a tan and travel shall never cease to surprise! 


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