About Anar

…with a dash of cinnamon in ur coffee, illusions turn into dreams. Then, you weave them into reality

Anar Shukla, is a media professional with experience in Radio, video production and specialises in Marketing and branding solutions. She has a Masters (hons) in Media Production from Griffith Film School, Brisbane, Australia and over the past 10 years she has worked with the likes of Radio Mirchi, BIG FM and Educational Initiatives.

Currently working on a Gujarati feature film as an Art Director, she loves to teach film, photography and interactive design. She is a visiting faculty at Banasthali Institute of Design, consultant with Knownsense Studios and freelances a Marketing and Branding Consultant.

She blogs and tweets to celebrate: confusion and creativity.



One thought on “About Anar

  1. Hey Anar,

    Technology is so catching….good to read up on you on the net as I was surfing Xavier’s College on Facebook.

    Well, Brisbane is changing quite quickly and it is taking longer to go anywhere.

    Great to know you are keeping yourself involved with the image be it photography.

    I’m editing a corporate documentary on a youth shelter. And shooting a lot more..various projects.

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