The world of possibilities

We have saturday sessions at work where we discuss strategies to deal with life’s absolutely not solvable issues. Now issues is a big word! – So let me elaborate on what are some of the issues that we discuss: Thinking positive or How to say NO (There are several such topics that we have jotted down as a group but since the past three group meetings we are stuck with ‘Thinking positive’ – Shows we are really determined to crack this one. And trust be I can see sparks of smiles already around us. It’s working HOW? keep reading…)

Saturday session – No 4 – “Thinking Positive” continued…

We were asked this question, “how many of you feel 200% good about your job?”

I happily put my hand up. (After last week and the profile being offered – or rather battled off! I was so happy that I went around exhibiting my new state of mind I will not have to  work anymore!  -As now I will get paid for doing something I am addicted to do!.) This was before being extremely disappointed to see that there was noone around me who put up their hand. Frankly I thought may be I was crazy to have done that in the first place. But I had found myself pretty isolated from the giant opinion that most others in the room had. Most of them were talking about this pool of being in the what is called “downward – spiral” situation.  Refers to a situation where one prefers to stay depressed. It is a result of a stimulus that triggers of one negative thought leading to the other and so on. Well! Yes it’s not that I dont feel this, but if I ever do it’s not longer than half a day or may be a day in the worst case. I feel so suffocated in this situation that I want to run from it. If you think I was happy feeling macho. You are wrong! – I was feeling strange, isolated and next to crazy. This was making life even more difficult. 

On the one hand the where the group was trying to figure out what is it that one should do to live in the world of possibilities, I was struggling to understand the world of negativity!. Talk about working the backwards approach, and I could have been the special specimen available for analysis.

Just that morning there were two contrasting episodes that happened. On the one hand there was a colleague who was happy being negative and no stimuli provided by us would get her out of the negative mind set that she had set in for herself while on the other we had someone who was acting martyr while work was being thrown into her face. Anyways! – the point is “How does one live in this world of possibility?” 

There were some suggestion…

1. Read – Reading helps you broaden your horizon and thus opening up new possibilities to each situation

2. Pick up a hobby – it has been seen that people who use their hands tend to by happier, feeling upbeat in most situations. There were some suggestions like playing a musical instrument, photography, exercising.. etc

3. Be around those who live in the world of possibility. If you are surrounded by those who prefer to live in this world then you are tempted to join their world.

4. (This one’s hillarious but absolutely works!) It’s called use the “How fascinating?” funda – OOH I love explaining this one… because I have some really interesting examples to share. Well! Everytime you make a mistake or you feel you are the crowned fool, you approach the situation by saying, “How fascinating!” 

So let’s see how we will use this. Imagine you are in the accountants department and you have just realise that there has been a big over expense in the last month, all because of some negligence on your side. The boss looks at the balance sheet and says, “Oh thisis not good… this is ridiculous etc etc etc… ” You go, “How fascinating!” – Basically saying that the situation is crap but I am going to make it into a one in a million situation, treat it as an opportunity to bring a positive change as I have cracked the problem. And trust me it works!

So how did this work for me.. we were going for chai, it had been raining, people had managed to park in all sorts of spaces and positiions. My skirt gets stuck in a cycle tyre. So my brain says, “OH how fascinating there is someone who is attracted to me and wants to take my skirt off!!” – Well a little too extreme but it did help – because or else on my way to taking a break I would have been cursing the cycle, the person who parked it there, the fact that my skirt was dirty and given myself a whole bunch of negative vibes to deal with.

So well! – amongst the 4 suggestions I have decided to use the most ridiculous one and make my self smile much more everytime I encounter the phantom!:)

So what are you going to try? – Do you love your job? – Are you crazy enough like me to jump and say I dont work! – i have fun! and OoPS! work does get done?



Learnt about this new term called “The world of possibilities” at work today. It’s seriously an interesting concept. Surprisingly


4 thoughts on “The world of possibilities

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  2. ROTFL on skirt getting stuck. That s really hilarious. And yes, thinking positive is one art I say! Can you give lessons to my mom? please?? 😛

  3. wow..wonderful thoughts :)The first three suggestions were quite convincing…but the last one..”How fascinating”…I do completely accept with the whole intent of taking something positively..but i felt, the examples used are little…frankly, Anar, what were you thinking when you said…

    “OH how fascinating there is someone who is attracted to me and wants to take my skirt off!!”

    This was being crazy..don’t you think so? And hey, this time you had chai, for a change 😀 lol…I like these kinds of discussions,the HR stuff, we call…All this, plus a good pay is what we need, madam 😀

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