Purple Man

Purple Man

Unending instructions;a couple of hmmms‘;and haans‘ he turned towards me and smiled.
I was mad. Nah not because he was on the call or that we had had a fight. Nothing of that sort. (Yeah I can get mad at someone for smiling.) It seemed fake! The very intuitive response was held right there, he said what! – I felt like saying… ‘dont know..’ but kept quite. the smell of caffeine changed alot of things…
The next day I was reading ‘the memory editor’ – one of the stories from Tokyo Cancelled by Rana Dasgupta. It said there would be a day when we would forget everything about us and so we would need these electronic database to remind us of what we were.. etc etc… I was wondering if I would remember this smile. And frankly although it made me really mad at that time it is probably one of the things I would want to… like to remember.

People never fail to suprise me. Just when I picked up the towel to leave for a shower, I heard the phone ring. Half a smile; reluctant turn; the smile got a bit wider, but the touch of water was compelling. I left it ringing, pinning… waiting for what should not have waited. For once I wanted to wait…for the wait was in my hands.

Wasn’t anything special. Yeah just a simple statement and it did not amuse me at that hour. It was too hot in the bath to think for more than 3 seconds about it. I was getting irritated with the whole waiting bit. Fighting it in my own head I fought with the practical side of it. Why would I want to do this to myself?

What is it that pisses me off ? – I wish I knew and I could just go… CTRL +Del on it. Wish it were as easy as throwing it away and I could be ruthless…

7 missed calls, 5 messages and 1 email.

I was wondering if there was any point to this long wait. I picked up the keys threw a few clothes on… filled the coffee mug. No i did not want to look at the clock and nor did i want to turn the answering machine on this time… Did not want to leave a note that was giving too much importance to the significant few.

knock – door opens – smile –

One more look at the mobile 11 missed called – 7 messages – 1 look – half a smile

“You do drive me mad … “


5 am – the alarm was loud. Pichkoo (the cat) was trying to scratch my hair and wake me up.

I could feel  his hands in my hair. I woke up in a startle. I knew he had left – just to come back another day. He would always come back when I was just about to go off to bed… May be a little drunk, he would knock once again tomorrow. I got a little mad at the idea. And then smiled as I picked up Pichkoo and put her on the kitchen table. Took her bowl out and started the routine. As I banged (no i dint want to .. may be my body just did it out of anger..) the bowl in front of her… She looked back in anger; I could smell the coffee machine whispering an amazing brew; as I tied my hair up, the phone rang. It had to be Amita. My assistant at work. Amita had a sense of urgency in these morning calls  she rattled off …

“Ayesh, listen you cant miss this one, okay? I have fixed it up at the Brown’s bakery. So that it will take you exactly 11 minutes to get there. and listen the papers are in the first section. And ya! today at 4pm you know where we are meeting right? – Ayesh ??”

“..Go on Amm.. you know I am not listening. I have had a bad night and Pichkoo refuses to finish breakfast…”

“Ayesh, why did you open the door? …”

“Amm, I have 12 minutes now… ” I smiled and she banged the phone on my face.

As I waited at the bakery for the clients to arrive and finished my breakfast. The phone ran again, I picked it up and said, “Amm I am at Browns and I am waiting. I am not late. Will you please let me have my breakfast in peace?”

His voice, “I have taken the keys today… I hate, I hate waking you up!”

In my head, Did I say, I mind opening the door?


White lillies greeted her that morning. She was 4 days from the due date the doctor had given her. The morning began with the sun shining brightly inside from the blinds. She managed to get up slowly, struggling her way to the kitchen.

“Honey, are you there? ….. ”

A huge bunch of white lillies were arranged beautifully with a purple note on it. She smiled as she opened it almost knowing what it would say. Before she opened it, she held it in her hand almost reading the words inside in her head. “… I think voilet is better for the walls, I known mauve seems right to you but, It’s much more intense!”

She opened the note finally, it read, “…I agree mauve is better and but I disagree that I will be a good father”

(There were glass pieces all over the floor when I found her with the note and the purple flowers in her hand sitting on the floor, She did not have tears in her eyes. 6 years back today Zia was born. It was a day that made us strong, bold and once again made me realise that I had a wonderful friend who could stand by anything)

As she threw some cloves in the olive oil, while untying the towel wrapped around her wet hair, she looked at the coffee pot steaming. It was filling up the room like the indulgent bath balls fill the aroma in the  bath. A door bell broke the rythym in the room and her head felt a little uneasy waking up from the intense aroma in her head and around. She opened the door and I flung my arm around trying to balance the huge bumblee bee cake in the other hand.

I said, “Where is the big girl! ?”

In her room trying to talk to pepper about how she wishes to become the queen of Paris one day. I could see she dint look happy. I got really mad at her for being such a spoil sport on this day. In 6 years I had never seen her so down. I looked at her as she pointed to the computer screen. Gulping down the shot of coffee down my throat I moved the mouse to read an email:

“I think it is better to be an irressponsible father than to be an invisible one….,

can I come and see what color you finally painted the walls?”


3 thoughts on “Purple Man

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  2. Hey..wow..very indulging 🙂 May be I should read the other parts to understand more about this mysterious purple man 🙂 How many cups of coffee do you gulp each day? Ha ha..You seem to enjoy coffee a lil too much 😀 You made clear that people dont understand the whole story reading the first part alone 🙂 Interesting one!! BTW, digressing from the story…I think Tokyo Cancelled is a wonderful book..I still remember how I bought the book, read few pages and piled it up on the attic :D..I didn’t get time to read it completely:D all my books are lonely in India and me here 😦 Missing them 😦 And when you talked about ‘Memory editor”, it remained me of that superb movie – “Eternal Sunshine of a spotless Mind”..Hope you watched it! Alright! Here comes my offshore call.. 😦 I will finish off the rest by tomorrow…dying to read the rest!!

  3. blame it on my key board – typosss….replace “remained me” with “reminded me” :)And have added you to my blogroll as “Anar”..:)

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