A Play on Emotions

Advertising is a play on emotions. The power of advertising is in the hidden emotion under the blankets of the design and concept. Every brand tries to either seduces you, makes you feel insecure and eventually forces you to trust it either through an endorsement or an aspiration. The play on emotions is subtle in most cases much like hypnosis. The degree of subtlety decides how powerful the campaign is. What is most endearing is that the skill to convince a consumer into becoming a customer is something each one of us need to acquire.

The workshop aims at putting the attendee into an uncomfortable zone, push his/her limits and start believe in solutions that seem impossible by thinking of several perspectives. This is much talked about design process that liberate the mind of constraints and a narrow minded perspective.

Ankit Kothari and Anar Shukla are both media professionals and have experience across Film, Radio, Advertising and Education.

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Photography Workshop at Poesis

April 2013

Children are free spirits and their imagination allows them to think wild. It is important to harness their
imagination and give their wonderful ideas some skill. Each one of them is a powerful storyteller, it is
important to help them shape their ideas better, sculpt each thought in the right way and then learn
how to tell their story through pictures.
Photography allows you to capture a moment, a story in one single shot. That’s why some say, ‘that a
good photograph can say a thousand words’. Taking good pictures comes with practice and
understanding of light, composition and color.


Documentation and Use of Film/Animation in Education at Sri Ram School, Delhi

January 2013

Delhi Workshops

Effective documentation can help teachers to revisit a topic at a later stage and analyse student answers as well keep a record of best practices. With technology on our side and every phone now having a video camera, it would be great to help them learn the basics and empower them with this important life-skill.

Short Film Making Workshops

September 2012

Short Film is aimed at getting empower students to learn Conceptualisation, Visualisation, Basic Principles of Animation, Story Telling

and Short Film Production. These skills will then help student formulate their writing, narrative, presentation and planning skills. Understanding different media is life-skill in the present day and hence it is important that students learn them early and master




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