saying the byes!

Saying the byes is just something I am not good at. While I sit watching television very happily in my living room today. It slowly sinks in that its my last day at a place that I used to call ‘home’.

Its tough to get through these last few hours. It was odd walking through my grocery store. Can’t even ask it to keep in touch like I am saying to all others :(.

Another aspect of leaving is that for every little piece you keep inside your bag, there is always one more left behind. I took coffee breaks and lunch breaks to get over this uneneding process of putting things in bags.

The most important are the people in the city. I kept thinking what’s the big fuss. I keep traveling and I will see them often. But uptil now I did not realise that on a regular basis these will not be the list that I will be calling when I want to go and watch movie. We will not being impromptu coffee breaks and random shopping trips.

The mixed feelings phase has started. So its one minute of rejoicing the unexpected and the second of leaving all that was well known.

I suddenly miss dad and mum. I wish they were here just to see this whirl wind of emotions that I am not very good at handling.

Well hello to new beginnings and bye bye to something that was becoming a comfort zone!


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